Beets Blast

I like to make fresh juice in summer especially on a hot day like this.  We are having the most hottest days for this years and the temperature is scorching to about 100F.  So this morning I thought to make this Beet juice with Kale and apples.


  • 1/2 of a medium beet
  • about 5 fresh kale leaves thick stems removed
  • 2 fresh apples (I like granny smith since it has a sour and tart taste)


  • Wash and peel beets.  Chop them into small chunks
  • Wash kale and tear the leaves into rough pieces
  • Wash and core apples and just cut them into pieces (no need to peel unless other wise you prefer to do so)
  • First add beets to the juice and followed by kale.  (Kale does not produce a lot of juice like other fruits.  You will get a very small quantity which would be very thick and dark green)
  • Now finish off with apples (make sure you do not add kale last.  Since the juice is very less, we have to finish off with a fruit or vegetable that gives a lot of juice.  This way kale juice will be washed into the container with the apple juice)
  • add some ice cubes and enjoy!
  • Makes 2 glasses.



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