Love thy Earth

In Sri Lanka people mostly live with the nature especially in villages. Still utensils that are made out of palm leaves, wood, and other natural materials are still in existence. I still remember when we were kids, we used put seeds like coriander, papaya, and chili and watch them grow. The most happiest part is harvesting the papaya fruits. Even in college my Biology professor was so much into nature and we take bicycle trips out to fields, farms and the beach to collect specimens and the effect of human created waste on these eco systems.

Here are some of the nature’s beauties that are so majestic.

The Majestic Devils Rock of Wyoming:


The beautiful Bad Lands National Park with multi colored rocks


When we were driving in South Dakota outside of Bad Lands national park, I saw this beautiful landscape with cows grazing with a backdrop of beautiful mountains I could not walk away without taking this photo.  It was so pristine and the air was so pure.


We all can follow some simple rules and save this earth:

1. Use re-usabe bags when shopping which reduces wasting plastic bags.  When plastic bags are thrown away, it is really hard to clean since they fly around with wind and get tangled on tree tops as well.

2. Maintain your car and check  for Motor vehicle emission which contributes to air pollution.

3. Pay attention on water usage – fixing leakages and using a dish washer etc.

4. Recycle as much as possible

5. Changing light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs since they last longer than the standard bulbs.

6. Turn off lights when not needed.

7. Use public transportation as much as possible

8. Grow trees since they use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and release oxygen to the environment.



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