Happy Earth Day

Today is earth day and 45th anniversary of the Earth Day.  Earth Day is not just some thing we celebrate and forget the next day.  It’s about raising public awareness about environmental issues.  These issues vary year to year from air pollution, water pollution, natural animal habitats being destroyed to all the melting ice and glaciers disappearing.

So what does earth day means to us?  We can do a lot of things to save this planet.  One of the blogger I follow has given good information regarding this.  You can view it from her website: Love Our Mother: Happy Earth Day

When I look back how our ancestors lived, every equipment they used were made from some thing that exist naturally. Once these products are not needed any more, they get recycled naturally in the ground. For example, spoons were made out of coconut shell and the handles were made out of wooden sticks. There were clay pots, mats that were weaved out of palm tree leaves. I have given those natural utensils that were and have been in use in my country Traditional Kitchen Equipments<

I love national parks where nature is preserved. But I have seen people throwing plastic bottles, candy wrappers all over instead of throwing them in the designated bins. If we don’t preserve these trees, animals, and birds over time they all will become extinct similar to what is happening to he white rhinoceros which is in the brink of extinction.

So lets get together to save these birds, animals and all natural preserves, parks for the next generation.

Look at this cute monkey, doesn’t he look so cute? Don’t we think we should make sure they are safe and not killed for any silly purposes?

And these beautiful birds, don’t they look so beautiful? Let them live in their natural habitat:

Lets get together and save this planet before all the natural wonders vanishes


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