A new look and feel of my site

Hello my dear readers.  I thought it’s time to change the look and feel of my site – the reason, my initial site was extremely simple and does not even look like a fun recipe site.  Since I am also a web designer and user experience expert, I was initially focusing on that and putting focus on how different elements should be displayed where on a site.  The original design had all the additional features – like the “Search”, “Follow Me”, “Translate the site” etc. on the right side above the fold where users did not have to scroll.  But the site did not have the real appeal of a recipe blog.  After a lot of thoughts, I went with a theme that is more user friendly in viewing the actual recipe with a nice banner at the top.

Viewers can always scroll a little bit down to see all the additional features that are part of the site.  All comments are very welcome of this new look and feel.  Looking forward to all your feedback.  I will be adding more features to this site soon.

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