Rice noodles with sprouted mung beans

Rice Noodles

Current situation (COVID 19) is having a big impact on every one’s daily life including long lines in grocery stores and not being able to get the needed vegetables or other products.  I made this dish with the ingredients I had in handy.  But you can replace any of these ingredients with your favorite one.  For example soy chunks can be replaced with Tofu or if you crave for non-veg dish you can add chicken or any other meat (I am not familiar with the texture and taste of different meats, so I cannot make great suggestions on this part).  I had a bag of frozen mixed vegetables that had string beans, carrots, corn,  green peas and lima beans.  Regarding sprouted mung beans, I have posted earlier on how to sprout mung beans.

This is a very simple dish that can be made quickly with your favorite ingredients.  Under the ingredients, I have suggested substitutes/if you don’t have it, it can be optional.  Enjoy


  •  2 ½ cups thin rice noodles
  •  1 ½ cups mixed vegetables
  • 1 cup sprouted mung beans
  • 1 cup dried soy chunks
  • Warm water to soak soy chunks
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seed oil (optional, enhances flavor)
  • 1 shallot chopped (or just onion)
  • 2 teaspoons canola oil
  • ¼ inch piece ginger finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon whole black pepper
  • Strand of curry leaves (or cilantro or parsley)
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/8th teaspoon turmeric powder (optional)


  • Cook rice noodles according to package directions.  Drain and set aside
  • Steam mixed vegetables for about 5-7 minutes
  • Place soy chunks in a bowl and pour warm water to cover the soy chunks.  Cover and let stand for about 10 minutes (time may vary depending on the type of soy chunks – some soy chunks are more textured than the other which might need more soaking time.)
  • Drain water and squeeze out excess water from the soy chunks.
  • Add sesame seed oil to a skillet and add soy chunks and shallow fry until soy chunks are crispy on the outside and soft inside (since soy chunks will keep absorbing water, ensure you are frying in a very low flame.  Also, if needed add more oil one teaspoon at a time).  Drain on paper towel
  • Add canola oil to a large skillet and once hot, add shallot and sauté until translucent.  Add sprouted mung beans and fry on medium-low flame for about 2-3 minutes.  Add  chopped ginger and sauté until fragrant, about a minute.
  • Add curry leaves, black pepper, and saute for another minute.  Add mixed vegetable, fried soy chunks, noodles and turmeric powder and mix well and let cook on very low flame for 2-3 minutes.  Sprinkle little water at time and stir occasionally to ensure noodles does not get burnt.
  • Serve warm as is or with lemon pickle
  • Serves 2 as a main dish.


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