Chinese style Tofu fried rice bulgur

I have been thinking of making  Chinese fried rice for a while.  Finally I got all the needed ingredients and decided to use Bulgar instead of rice.  The main reason to use Bulgar is it’s much healthier and has lot of nutrients as well as gives a nice a nutty flavor.  The nutty flavor gives… Continue reading Chinese style Tofu fried rice bulgur

Bulgar with roasted mini peppers and tofu

This is a recipe that includes any available colorful veggies packed with nutrients.  If you don’t have the same ingredients, you can use any available vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Asparagus etc according to your liking. I like using fresh vegetables instead of frozen or canned ones since fresh vegetables bake well and they… Continue reading Bulgar with roasted mini peppers and tofu

Toffee Meringue Cookie Bar

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and fellow bloggers.  Thanksgiving dinner means turkey, sweet potato and pumpkin dishes.  Since I had to make some dessert for Thanksgiving dinner, I thought to make something different which can be eaten with a cup of coffee after all the heavy meals – where we can sit and relax and… Continue reading Toffee Meringue Cookie Bar

Cranberry Pumpkin Bread

It is getting cold and fall is here and the next thing we know is thanksgiving followed by Christmas and New Year.  Fall means dishes made with pumpkin – pumpkin pie, cranberries, warm pumpkin soup etc. etc.  We all enjoy something with pumpkin.  This weekend I thought of making a pumpkin bread that has the… Continue reading Cranberry Pumpkin Bread

Bean Sprouts – How to Sprout Beans

I have been wanting to make my own sprouted beans.  Home made sprouted beans are clean and we know it will not be contaminated since if they are not handled properly they can easily get spoil and cause stomach problems.  I have tried sprouting beans in the past with less success.  This time I tried… Continue reading Bean Sprouts – How to Sprout Beans

Fruit Crumble with Coconut Topping

It’s the time of the year again – apple picking, abundance berries in the market and fresh cranberries has started popping in the store shelves.  While the weather it is getting cooler, I am starting to bake again – the spices and the baking aroma will fill the house and of course it will make… Continue reading Fruit Crumble with Coconut Topping

Trip to Shenandoah National Park

Even though this blog is dedicated to recipes, I couldn’t resist to make a small post about Shenandoah National park that I visited at the end of May.  This park has been in my travel list for the past few years, but due to weather (mostly rain and Thunderstorm) I had to cancel it.  Finally,… Continue reading Trip to Shenandoah National Park

Kale with Edamame

There are many varieties of kale including the ornamental ones that have bright colored leaves such as brilliant white, red, pink, lavender, blue or violet in the interior of the rosette.  The different types of ornamental kale are peacock kale, coral prince, kamone coral queen, color up kale and chidori kale.  Ornamental kale is as edible as any other… Continue reading Kale with Edamame