Sothi is used as a side dish for idiyappam.  Ingredients ¾ cup shredded green cabbage ¼ cup chopped carrot 1 small potato cubed 1 small eggplant cubed ¼ cup red onion sliced 1-2 green chili slit length wise 1 strand curry leaves 3 cups water ½ cup milk or coconut milk pinch of tumeric powder… Continue reading Sothi

String Hoppers (Idiyappam)

Idiyappam is normally consumed for break-fast and dinner.  In Jaffna (Sri Lanka) idiyappam is made from combining red rice flour and wheat flour which gives the pinkish-brown color to the idiyappam. I use white rice flour instead of wheat flour.  Wheat flour tend to stick to the idiyappam making mould and makes it difficult to squeeze the… Continue reading String Hoppers (Idiyappam)